Phoenix Vegetarian Restaurant – Pomegranate Coffee shop

We’re big on Pomegranate Coffee shop. They’re located right alongside Trader Joe’s in Ahwatukee, Arizona. They’re also buddies of ours.

Pomegranate was began getting a mom and daughter team who’ve past culinary training. They have produced an excellent team and they also perform an admirable job.

Obtaining a concentrate on sourcing from local companies, they perform congratulations of supporting local farms. Lots of their produce comes from farms that can come in Arizona. The only real exceptions are with the summer time time time when it’s far too hot for most the farms near Phoenix to develop leafy vegetables. Then farms which are a little even more have to be sourced from.

After we exist I’d their breakfast burrito. I am an enormous fan within the entire idea of the breakfast burrito which didn’t dissatisfy. I had been somewhat concerned that it will not be filling enough, but boy was I wrong.

They are available in eggs, veggies, beans, and a few cheese. And boy wouldn’t it are actually filling, and attractive.

What size the burrito was great. It had been very little nonetheless it had been certainly substantial. It as long as really comforting feeling that people love once i am hungry, that individuals was. It eased its distance to my belly, and merely made itself within your house. I can hold the nutrients.

That’s liberating!

My girlfriend had their veggie hamburger. And again, this food was substantial. It’d a really well controlled density too it without dealing with become over whelming or bloating. I felt be thankful really was nutrient dense and efficient.

Neither folks are big soy eaters. We have a lot of reasons for your. However am personally not strict to the stage that we will not have whatsoever. My burrito were built with a couple of a few things i believe is a tempeh bacon. Which really produced for many funny discussion with Casey.

I really thought installed bacon towards the burrito which have me completely confused. Nonetheless they did not. It had been the smoked tempeh bacon. I am not really a real “mock” meat type of guy however, this certainly had me fooled. In an ideal way!

Along with the most widely used parts of the entire experience was the elixirs. An all-natural elixir is a mixture of freeze dried herbs which are combined to supply a effective nutritive effect. Sometimes the result can lead to physically felt. They’re usually mixed in a juice. During this situation, Pomegranate juice.

We’re honored and proud that Pomegranate serves Chakra 4 elixirs. And they also do something along with your style and sophistication. Each elixir features a strawberry along with a generous bit of Pomegranate’s homemade lavender chocolate.

This mix within the strawberry while using the chocolate among sips within the bitter, but tasty, elixir is definitely an very fun trip to accept tastebuds on. Along with the perfect get a fabulous meal.

You will find yet attempted Pomegranate and you’re in Ahwatukee, you have to visit where you can meal together. It’s a great experience.

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